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#11 Plop!

Demeter (Goddess of Harvest & Agriculture) is having a bad day.  All she wants is some peace and quiet, but there is too much noise, distraction and plastic!  Her good friend Poseidon (God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses) means well, but he isn’t helping.    To distract Poseidon, Demeter decides to send him on a quest.  He comes back with more than she bargained for, but it might just help save the planet.


Created by Sarah Mooney and toured by Wassail, Plop! helps audiences connect to the controversial and topical subject of plastic pollution.

Written by Sarah Mooney

Directed by Ged Stephenson

Designed by Julie Read

Music by Kid Carpet

Performed by Sarah Mooney and Kid Carpet


#12 Over The Wall Picking Apples

Happily married with a lovely house on the Somerset Levels, Richard could have settled down to life as a withy weaver, cider maker or llama farmer. But then the fish tank started singing to him – the same song over and over, day after day. It was enough to drive him mad.

This is the story of Richard’s response to all this: his admission into the mental health service, a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, medication (the highs…the lows) and making sense of a lifetime lived over the wall picking apples.

It's no laughing matter, but it will make you laugh. 

Written by Richard Crowe

Directed by Ged Stephenson

Performed by Richard Crowe


Photos by Paul Blakemore

#13 Egg Day


After a great deal of badgering, Pete has convinced Somerset Wildlife Trust to let him & Ivan run a tour of Westhay Moor in The Somerset Charabanc. What tales will Pete tell today? What stories, buried in the bog, will he unearth? And will Ivan stick to the path?

Set and performed on a 1920’s miller’s cart pulled by two Suffolk Punch horses, audiences and performers were brought together in an intimate, spellbinding adventure.

Starting and finishing at Westhay Moor Car Park, the show travelled through the epicentre of Somerset Wildlife Trust’s prize Nature Reserve.

Written by Nick White

Directed by Joanna Procter

Dramaturgy by Rina Vergano

Design by Katie Underhay

Music by Anthony Burbridge

Production Management by Abby Young

Horses by Steel Suffolks

Performed by Harry Clements, Kirsty Egginton,

Katie Underhay and George Williams

Photos by Matilda Temperley

#14 Peace Day

A unique collaborative project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, bringing young people from Yeovil and Taunton together to reflect on impact of the First World War in Somerset.

Delivered through Somerset Youth Theatre groups at The Octagon Theatre Yeovil and The Brewhouse Theatre Taunton, Peace Day was a journey through time and involved a celebratory round of tea & scones.


Developed by Nick White and Selina Keedwell

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