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#19 The Name Is Jack


Wassail commissioned a company of young artists from Yeovil College to turn the Yeovil folk story, Jack The Treacle Eater, into a live performance for the general public.

Set in 1989, The Name Is Jack tells a range of stories about friendship and the importance of connection.

This commission was part of our Somerset Emergency Theatre work.

Written by Lauren Stuckey and Emma Woodford

Directed by Nick White

Choreography by Amy Bowden and Kerri Heslop

Aerial direction by Shaena Brandel

Original songs by Joe Bunting, Lissy Jane and Harrison Waterhouse

Production Management by Jemma Ball

Production photos by Len Copland

Performed by Joe Bunting, Ruby Coleman, Taylor Collicutt, Adam Holehouse, Josie Farrant, Serena Shutt, Lauren Stuckey, Owen Thompson, Kenza Tetiali-Talibart, Keda Walbridge, Harrison Waterhouse, Emma Woodford

#20 Whispering Willows


A co-production with The Brewhouse Taunton, commissioned as part of Future Arts Centre's Here & Now project.


It’s 1929.  Morris has been planting, harvesting, basket making and drinking tea on his Somerset Willow farm since before he can remember.


Every year the same pattern repeats itself.  Plant, harvest, weave.  Plant, harvest, weave.   


The cycle continues and all is well in the world until the chaos of World War 2 and the invention of plastic threaten to destroy the farm and his livelihood.

Can he find a new use for Willow before it's too late?

Devised by the Company

Directed by Jesse Briton

Designed by Julie Read

Music by Greg Hall

Puppet design & direction by Helen Foan

Production Management by Anthony Clements

Performed by Clive Duncan & Georgia Wall

Photos by Paul Blakemore

#21 Apples & Angels

OctagonYeovil 2.png

“The problem with never giving up is that forever’s a long time.”


Pete’s organising a wedding for the Mallard family at Burrow Hill but the bride’s disappeared!  Two years ago to the day, Pete married Babs in a glorious, tragic wedding where something similar happened.  Today Muriel, Pete and Babs find themselves at the bottom of Burrow Hill, looking for the things they’ve lost and so much more.  


Can Lil help them before the spirits of the orchard converge and it’s all too late?


Apples & Angels was an open-air promenade show performed at Burrow Hill in South Somerset.

​Written by Nick White

Directed by Joanna Procter​

Design by Julie Read

Composer Ellie Showering

Production Manager Anthony Clements

Production photos by Paul Blakemore

Performed by Eloise Adams, Clive Baker, Christine Baker, Leela Bunce, Fergus Campbell-White, Luna Campbell-White, Ruby Coleman, Josie Farrant, Lucy Harrington, Richard Holt, Billy Lune, Tanya Ogden, Asha Pathy-Baker, David Reakes, Imogen Smith, Lauren Stuckey, Ethan Teasedale, Dani Turner and Harrison Waterhouse

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