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HOLY COW! was inspired by the story of St. Decuman, Watchet's now-beloved patron saint, and his cow. Famously, St Decuman travelled from Wales intent on converting the heathens of Watchet... (SPOILER: he wasn't well received and lost his head in the process!). But this isn’t our story.


Our retelling of this local legend saw Decuman and his cow lose each other in the fabled Bristol Triangle, each being propelled on a separate journey through time and Watchet’s rich history. 

HOLY COW! was part of Maritime Mayhem, a weekend celebrating the weird, wonderful, folkloric and esoteric tales of Watchet's maritime past made possible through National Lottery funding from The Heritage Fund and Arts Council England.


Written & co-directed by Jac Husebo

Co-directed by Jesse Briton

Designed by Tomasin Cuthbert Menes

Original music composed by Tom Crosley-Thorne

Performed by Maia Ayling, Joanna Kessell, Chloe McDonald, Joe Wiltshire-Smith and the people of Watchet including choirs, bands and students from Danesfield School

Production Manager - Anthony Clements

Lead Producer - Joseph Cullen

Associate Producer - Corrinne Curtis

With thanks to Selina Keedwell and all at Contains Art and the Onion Collective.



Sometimes, what we remember is happier than what is true.  Family secrets, birthday celebrations and pavlova come together in this story inspired by the strawberries of Bower Hinton Farm.

BIRTHDAY DAY was originally commissioned by Take Art through their Cultivate project.

Devised by the company

Directed by Nick White

Music by Ellie Westbrook

Costume by Julie Read

Production stills from a film by Richard Tomlinson

Performed by Rachel Cohen, Helena Payne and Ellie Westbrook.

With thanks to Duncan Palmer and Katy Tilley.

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