We have commissioned eight theatre-makers to collaborate on a collective script in response to the Coronavirus pandemic in Somerset.  


Starting with news from Wuhan of the first death from C19 in January 2020, each contributor will produce one ‘act’ of five short scenes charting the impact of the virus on the culture and consciousness of Somerset.


A sixth scene (an epilogue if you like), set five years from the end of lockdown in an ‘imagined future’, will explore ways in which the virus might affect societal and political change in the UK.

The whole play is being edited by Richard Crowe, and it will be presented at Theatre Night Digital Edition in October as a rehearsed reading, directed by Emma Bettridge.

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Conceived by Richard Crowe


Commissioned artists    

Akulah Agbami

Matt Emeny

Chris Fogg

Helena Payne

Avril Silk

Angie Ward

Williams & Williams

Directed by Emma Bettridge

Registered charity 1171647