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The Tale of the Charming Rat


Cooper the rat is having a very strange day… Asha has been invited to an important event and it’s up to Cooper to get her there on time and ready to party! Will he pull it off without getting caught by Rats All Folks Exterminators?  Join in this epic adventure and help him along the way…

The Tale of the Charming Rat is a 25-minute pantomime for audiences of all ages, featuring high levels of access provision. Expect a Somerset-inspired retelling of the classic Cinderella story, following the adventures of her beloved rat when he is transformed into a human for just one night.

“The Tale of the Charming Rat is a warm-hearted, beautifully performed show. Tall Tails and Wassail have successfully created a performance that is engaging and accessible for a broad audience, that is playful, musical and memorable. We loved having the show as part of our festive event.” Children's World

a co-production with

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Co-produced by Wassail and Tall Tails Theatre 

​Written by Nick White & Richard Young​

Directed by Nick White​

Design by Nancy Betton​

Music by Nick Brace​

Performed by Abby Young & Richard Young​

Access and Inclusion Consultant: Lulu Nunn

​Sign Consultant: Sonia Sansom, Regional Makaton Tutor

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