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Code of conduct

We encourage open, honest and professionally-led conversations that seek to support our learning as a company and as independent theatre makers.  

We aim to provide the best possible environment for anyone working, volunteering and participating in our projects.  We also aim to ensure our audiences can watch theatre safely and without barriers.

Fundamental to achieving this is collaboration and respect.

We expect anyone working, volunteering or participating in our projects to recognise that every individual has a right to a respectful, considerate and dignified working relationship with others.  It is the duty of everyone to treat their peers with dignity and respect.


We are opposed to harassment and bullying in any form. 


We ask everyone collaborating with us to take responsibility for managing the impact that their actions, behaviour or comments may have on others.


We expect anyone collaborating with us to adopt this ethos.


Wassail’s process is collaborative, supportive, creative and safe. Everyone is equally important and must be treated with respect. 

  • We promote collaboration & trust 

  • Everyone has an equal voice

  • Someone needs to make the final artistic decision

  • We keep things clean and tidy.

Anyone engaged by Wassail has a responsibility to address any grievance they perceive on behalf of themselves or others.


If you do not feel that another individual is following these expectations, we encourage you to firstly directly address your concern with the individual(s) involved.  This helps to encourage an honest and open working environment and is often the fastest path to a resolution.  If you feel this does not work, please refer to our Bullying & Harassment policy. 


We offer anyone working, volunteering or participating in our projects with regular opportunities to have their voice heard.

  1. Project introduction

  2. Regular check-in sessions

  3. An end-of-project debrief.


If you feel your voice has not been heard at any point while working with us, please understand we encourage you to tell us.

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