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Doorstep Dance

Somerset's aKa Dance Theatre were so inspired by how communities came together during lockdown they used Wassail's Connecting Communities commission as an opportunity to encourage their neighbours to become choreographers for the day and create a dance

performance themselves.


Artistic Director Jennifer Grant and Associate Director Joe Garbett invited the residents of Rowbarton, Taunton to contribute to the creative process for making 30-60 second pieces of dance, which were then performed on people's doorsteps.


A final, 15 minute dance that brought all of the different pieces together was then performed for the community at Greenway recreation ground in Taunton.  


Wassail loved this project because a very particular community of Taunton were easily and safely able to be part of the creation of culture and art on their doorstep.

aKa Dance Theatre Logo.png

Choreographed by Jen Grant

Performed by Joe Garbett

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