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Gallivanting Goblins

There’s magic on your doorstep, are you ready to explore? 

Discover magic and folklore you didn’t even know existed, and make time to appreciate your local area as you walk.

A charming, three-part, family-friendly creative project and podcast created by Alexandra Ricou, Danielle Sharp and Beth Fiducia-Brookes. 


Escape into the story by listening to the sounds of the outdoors and wonderful Somerset folklore as you walk. Inspired by Christina Rosetti’s Goblin Market. 

LIVE WALKING TOUR - Click on the link to listen to Gallivanting Goblins as you explore the magical Vallis Vale, Frome BA11 3JA

Please wear sensible shoes while exploring and dress for the weather! We ask that you adhere to all Government social distancing guidelines. Please also keep to your households or designated bubbles while exploring.

LISTEN ALONG AT HOME! - Click on the link to get lost in the magic right at home!

Make your own goblin inspired art and share online using #WassailGallivantingGoblins. You could draw, paint, collage or even sculpt your creative piece!   Display your artwork in your home windows or in local shop windows and help share the Goblin Magic! 

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