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Get Set

Get Set is a commission for Level 3 Performing & Production Arts Extended Diploma students.

It is part of Wassail's Somerset Emergency Theatre programme.


The aims of this project are to

Undertake research & development for an original musical theatre project about the heritage and industry of where we live.



Undertake research & development of a site-specific project inspired by elements of the story of Macbeth.

The project will give you the opportunity to explore:

  • Audience Aims

  • Application, audition & presentation skills

  • An area of specialist study


Wassail will commission you to turn one of these into a full production as part of your Final Major Project.

Sounds interesting.  What do I need to do?

You need to work in a duet or small group and respond to a selected stimulus. You will work across two specialisms and assume the role of either performer or producer.

Rehearsal period: Collapse week Tuesday 8th - Friday 11th February 2022

Tech/Dress Run: Tuesday 14th February 2022

Performances: (Day Shows tbc) Evenings Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th February 2022

Portfolio hand in: Friday 25th February 2022

Assessment & Feedback: Wednesday 1st March 2022

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