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Health & Safety

Wassail is committed to the achievement of high standards of health and safety in relation to employees, clients, contractors and others who may be affected by the company’s activities.


We will endeavour to put in place and maintain systems to ensure: 

  • Adequate resources are provided for health and safety matters; 

  • Compliance with all relevant legislation and codes of practice; 

  • Safe systems of work which will be regularly reviewed; 

  • Employees are given adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to enable them to carry out their work safely; 

  • Equipment provided is safe to use and is properly maintained; 

  • The safe use, handling, storage and disposal of products and substances; 

  • Provision of a safe working environment


Employees and contractors have a duty to work safely with due consideration for the health and safety of themselves and others. They must report any injury, dangerous occurrence or potentially unsafe situation at the earliest opportunity to either the Production Manager and, if necessary, a member of Wassail’s management. All accidents must be reported to the Producer and Production Manager and recorded in the official Accident Book. 


We will create a bespoke Risk Assessment for every production we make.


Failure to comply with this Health and Safety Policy or our production Risk Assessments will be treated as a serious matter and may lead to disciplinary action.


We have created a Covid-19 Best Practice Policy which must be adhered to at all times while working, volunteering or participating with us.  

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