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During lockdown Wassail and Reveal Productions collaborated on 'Heartbeat', an outdoor 15 minute show about keeping connected.  In July 2020, the day after outdoor performances in England were permitted 'Heartbeat' toured to 20 venues (mostly houses) in East Coker & West Coker.

A month before lockdown, Pete Steel got married.  Four weeks later, Pete’s wife Babs vanished into a puff of smoke and then the world locked down.   Today, Pete is doing his bit for the village as he carries out a survey on behalf of the parish council that explores what’s at the heart of our community.


“What a unique shared experience with family and neighbours that adds to the bonds that entwine our community. It felt quite poignant, especially Shirley over the garden wall, who seemed part of it all but somehow isolated and clearly missing important things in her life.”  Audience

Written & performed by Nick White

Directed by Joanna Procter

Design by Julie Read

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