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“The Pub is the Hub, ladies and gents, so it’s use it or lose it time”.

Wassail and Theatre Orchard 


horses! horses!

a pub play by Rina Vergano
Directed by Emma Callander
Sound design by Greg Hall
Design by Julie Read
Performed by Kesty Morrison,
Eoin Slattery and George Williams

"...half hyper-realistic collapsing pub quiz, half mystical exploration of the connections between people, and between people and the land.

...a completely joyous theatre experience (and a great night out at the pub). I would thoroughly recommend buying a pint and playing along."

Exeunt Theatre Magazine 

"...bursting with delicious West County flavour... music, unexpected dancing, bitter sweet reality and a lot of laughs." Weston Super Mum

"...the atmospheres chop and change from bickering to intimate moments, to sweet harmonious singing that brings a shiver into the air.  And all performed in the middle of a pub. A raucous, tender, enthralling and very entertaining evening." South Bristol Voice

Johnny’s putting on a Big Fun fundraiser tonight at the Nags Head, though he’s not in the mood for fun.


Horses! Horses! is the darkly comical tale of a stolen horse, wild west-country soul and the mess we make of relationships. Landlord Johnny is desperately trying to save his pub, while his wife Susie is hiding out on Ted’s farm. A show performed in the midst of your local boozer with pub games, pints, crisps, heartbreak and laughter, country music, lots of karaoke and a few surprises.


Shortlisted for the Tobacco Factory Theatres’ Scriptspace Award, Horses! Horses! was first developed through Bristol Old Vic Ferment.  

In 2019 Wassail and Theatre Orchard will be touring this show into pubs across Somerset and the South West of England.  Watch this space for more information. 

"I came to live in the countryside to get away from the theatre, and now the theatre has followed me here to my local pub. I'm going to be thinking about this show for the rest of the week, pure magic, I'm blown away."  Audience