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Level 3 Extended Diploma project one:



On Your Marks?  What’s that?

On Your Marks is a commission for Level 3 Performing & Production Arts Extended Diploma students.


The aims of this project are:

  • To establish Audience Aims

  • To explore a range of ideas or sources of material to help prepare for audition and interview

  • To create work that plays to your strengths.


Sounds interesting.  What do I need to do?

Select, prepare and share two contrasting pieces of work.  This might be a performance or an element of production.


What are the important dates?

Launch date: Wednesday 6 October

R&D period: 5-29 October

Rehearsal period: 1-12 November

Sharing: 16-19 November

Portfolio hand in: Thursday 25 November

Assessment & Feedback: 30 November-3 December.


Aha.  So, how will I be assessed?

You will be assessed you on a portfolio of evidence that captures your creative process.  Have a look at Moodle for help.

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