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Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Wassail considers the pastoral care & wellbeing of anyone working, volunteering or participating on a project as a priority.

We want to ensure that everyone is welcome. The word Wassail means “be healthy” and so it’s essential we maintain that essence in our working practice.


Ours is safe and supportive environment where everyone is treated with consideration, dignity and respect. We celebrate a with a culture free from bullying, aggression and discrimination. There is no room for any form of unfair, discriminatory or intimidating behaviour. We expect every individual to take personal responsibility for their own behaviour towards others whilst taking part in a Folio activity.


  • We:

    • champion everyone’s right to be healthy

    • listen

    • talk when we need to talk

    • remain calm

    • invent & explore, keeping ideas fresh, alive and brave


Rehearsing and touring small-scale theatre requires team spirit and a willingness to collaborate and ‘muck in’. This can become tense and tiring, so it’s important to remember:


  • The rehearsal room is for work

  • The rehearsal room is an environment that promotes collaboration & trust

  • Everyone has an equal voice and we can make time & space for every voice to be heard

  • Our door is always open to discuss any pastoral care or wellbeing issues


We try to have big ears but we’re not mind readers, so would expect for any issues that need dealing with outside of the room to be brought to our attention as it arises. 


If any employee, volunteer or participant has any concerns they want to share about anything outside of the artistic process they are invited to arrange an informal meeting with Wassail’s management team.

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