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Plays In The Park

Directed by Nick White
Assisted by Dani Turner
Design by Julie Read
Songs by Nick Brace
Performed by Harry Long as Jack the Treacle Eater plus Amy Batty; PJ Brice; Oliver Delafield;
Steven Doherty; Rob Jones; James Prendergast;
Luca Sadler; Dani Turner; and Richard White.

Images by Emily Rose

Plays In The Park was a unique celebration of Yeovil Country Park.  Across one weekend eight plays written by local writers were performed by young people from across Somerset.

Jack the Treacle Eater guided the audience around the park.

Written by Yeovil Creative Writers the short plays told stories of past and present, of people and place, of fact and fiction. 

There is always another story around the corner. 

A Lost Soul by Marie-Louise Green

The Diggers by Christopher Usher

The Tree by Bob Shepherd

The Blue Vase by Sue Yockney

A Pie in the Oven! by Liz Pike

The Haunted Swan by Sandra Snelling

A Date in the Park by Gareth Jenkins

Lives Pass By by Chip Tolson

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