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Plays Over The Phone


Plays Over The Phone is a live theatre experience between one performer and one audience, over the phone. 

Conceived and performed by Roxana Bartle, this is a lockdown love story for people who may be feeling isolated and would enjoy a live theatrical experience.


Roxanna will be bring back Plays over the phone for Lockdown 3.0. Watch this space to find out when you can book a play. 

plays over the phone facebook.jpeg

Written and performed by Roxana Bartle

“I was truly transported to another world.”

“I was really looking forward to the show and really enjoyed it because it could apply to people of the younger generation too.” 

“The best 10 minutes I’ve spent this year.”

“Lovely.  It made me think of me and my husband who passed away, and when we were both young. Things are different now in one way and in another way they’re just the same.”

“Lovely to have some theatre again!”

“Something different and a very enjoyable story.”

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