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Radio Zummerzet

Never having made a radio play before, we created Radio Zummerzet over lockdown.  


Radio Zummerzet pays homage to the way rural communities have responded to the Covid-19 crisis.  Devised by the cast it features eclectic radio personalities and bombastic local news stories, exploring a picture of the country through local voices and rural responses to the Covid-19 crisis.  


Wassail’s creative process always involves welcoming learning as part of the creative process.  And we’ve learned loads making Radio Zummerzet.   We’re proud to present three initial episodes which will be the forerunner for a live, rural touring theatre production.

You can listen to all three episodes here:

Radio Zummerzet logo.jpg

Writer/Director Jesse Briton

Sound Design & Jingles Greg Hall 

Sam Darcy Jack Kelly

Sarah Ford Lizzie Stables

Featuring Selina Keedwell

Episode One

Sommer Georgia Jackson

Musician Gavin Osborn

Episode Two

Chris Dan Gaisford

Musician Ellie Westbrook

Episode Three

Maureen Lucy Harrington

Musician Kid Carpet

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