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"Wassail have put together a truly powerful show that's captivating, challenging, emotional and funny. It doesn’t shy away from controversial issues and handles them with sensitivity, humour and humility. You feel privileged to be part of the audience and part of those memories that’ve been shared by the people of Somerset who lived through the devastation. We’d see the show again in a heartbeat."    Somerset Cool

"Wassail's new show 'Reclaimed' is a little cracker: funny, moving, edgy and dynamic, it keeps the audience firmly at its heart throughout. It brings to life all the big and small dramas of a village community under duress, and in doing so it manages to outstrip most main stage theatre productions by a country mile. Go and see it, and take all your friends."    Bristol24/7

" cleverly [this] play has been created, balancing comedy mom­ents, mounting fear, real horror and that self-deprecating British humour that traditionally sees us through... Director Jesse Briton and his versatile cast have discovered the ideal way to present this important, funny and thought-provoking play"
Fine Times Recorder

Touring Jan-Mar 2019