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What happens when a community is in crisis?

It had been an ordinary January day. 


That is until an extraordinary thing happened: the water came and it didn’t go away. The community had been told to evacuate their homes and meet at the highest, safest point: the village hall.


RECLAIMED places the audience in the heart of a fictional village under siege. 


Wassail worked closely with the people, communities and organisations impacted by the 2013/14 floods of the Somerset Levels to create RECLAIMED over a two-year period of devising and development.


Devised by the company, from true events, inspired by an idea by Emma Vickery


Directed by Jesse Briton

Devised & performed by Jac Husebo, Josh Marriott,

Alys Metcalf, Riz Meedin, Lizzie Stables & Nick White

Images by Paul Blakemore


"Funny, moving, edgy and dynamic, Reclaimed brings to life all the big and small dramas of a village community under duress, and in doing so it manages to outstrip most main stage theatre productions by a country mile."    Bristol24/7

"Reclaimed balances comedy, mounting fear, real horror and that self-deprecating British humour that traditionally sees us through. Important, funny and thought-provoking"
Fine Times Recorder

"A truly powerful show that's captivating, challenging, emotional and funny. It doesn’t shy away from controversial issues and handles them with sensitivity, humour and humility."    Somerset Cool

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