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Rex The King

A blind man walks into a pub...and tells anyone who’ll listen that he was once the king of darts.   He orders a pint and settles down to recount the story of his glorious rise to the top - and how dark secrets brought him down.


The second in our sporting trilogy, Rex The King is the story of a Somerset darts champion who ruled the world, but lost it all. It’s a theatrical tale that’s witty, uplifting and ludicrously tragic. Expect blood and sweat, tears and beers, not to mention plenty of songs and silliness.

Rex The King is a reimagining of the Greek tragedy Oedipus, featuring live music, flying arrows and a portable dartboard.

"A monumental theme encased in beer and pub camaraderie, encapsulating all human emotions in a musical, magical, hugely entertaining whole." The Fine Times Recorder

"Three versatile, talented performers reveal a world of driving ambition, cutthroat competition, and over-weening hubris with its inevitable downfall, using live music, dry wit, local references and popular culture." Remote Goat

Written by Will Gore

Directed by Tim Bell

Designed by Zoe Squire

Music by Greg Hall

Performed by: Bronya Deutsch, Greg Hall & James Peake (2017) and Jac Husebo, Greg Hall & Katy Sobey (2018)

"Wassail have scored an impressive 180...the play is engaging, engrossing and enthralling." 

Somerset County Gazette

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