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The Somerset Charabanc

Pete and Ivan run tours of Somerset on a 1920's miller's cart pulled by two Suffolk punch horses.

Today, Pete's friend Sam is getting married to Evie.  Evie isn't all she's cracked up to be, and as for her friend Alice... well, there's a story waiting to be told!

Wassail's first outing on the Charabanc trundled between Langport and Muchelney via the Somerset Levels taking in love, loss and much lamentation along the way.

Written by Nick White, with the company

Directed by Joanna Procter

Design by Julie Read

Transportation by Steel Suffolks


Performed by Aaron Baker, Katy Sobey,

Lucy Tuck and Nick White

"What better way to spend a late summer afternoon than trundling round the Somerset lanes on a horse-drawn charabanc taking in a story that is involving entertaining, teaching, amusing and delighting for all ages" The Fine Times Recorder
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