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This Is Where is an interactive art project by James Newton, commissioned by Wassail for the town of Clevedon.


We want you to submit your memories of the town, which we will then place on a “Memory Map” that can be viewed by the public.

This Is Where

Screenshot 2020-09-28 at 16.41.20.png

We hope this map will enable people to see Clevedon in ways they haven’t before, through perspectives that may be entirely new to them.


Perhaps you live here, perhaps you grew up here and left, perhaps you visited once many years ago. We want to hear from you.


How Does It Work?



Think of a memory. This memory should be linked to a geographical place in Clevedon:

“This is the bench I got engaged on.”

“This is the alleyway where my Mum caught me smoking.”

“This is the wall I crashed my bike into.”

“This is where our treehouse used to be.”


Now you’ve got your memory, record it- the voice recorder on your phone should be fine. Memories can be any length, but should ideally be at least one minute long.


Here are some prompts. Feel free to use as many or as few as you like:

• How old were you when this memory happened?

• What did you look like?

• What year was it?

• What else happened that year?

• What was the weather like?

• How did the place look then? Does it look different now?

• Was anybody else there?

• How were you feeling at the time?

• How does it make you feel now?

• Is there somewhere specific we should stand when we listen to the memory? Is there a certain direction we should be looking?

• Is there anything else you want us to imagine about this time?

If you’re able to go to the place and record there, brilliant. If you can’t, no problem. If you do go out to record the memory, try and go on a still day, as wind can affect the quality of the recording.


If you’re unable to record and would prefer to write your memory instead, please do.


Download and complete this questionnaire to send with your memory.


Email the audio file/text and questionnaire to


Things to Think About

• Clevedon is more than just the seafront! Clevedon has many faces, and the alleyways and parks are just as interesting as the pier. We want memories from all corners of Clevedon, not just the pretty bits.

• Don’t feel like you need to impress. Some of the smallest memories are the most significant.

• If you’re recording on your phone, it’s best to hold the device between 1 to 2 feet away from your mouth. Listen back to your recording before you send it, ideally on headphones. If it’s hard

for you to listen to, it will be hard for others too. You may want to do more than one take.

• Public spaces only, please!

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