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4 Communities, 3 trees, 1 hill

In June Michael Loader invited people from the villages of Cleeve, Claverham, Congresbury and Yatton to post their responses to our question... "HOW has Nature and Creativity helped you during Lockdown?"

He set up a special Facebook group to capture people's responses.

Local artist Mandi Baykaa-Murray posted her diary of words and photographs from Cadbury Hill, a Hill that sits between the communities and which she had visited everyday of Lockdown


"Our secluded place, sitting under a tree on Cadbury Hill was proving to be magical! The pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers were making a nest in an existing hole in the branch. This became an important focus for me - my very own ‘Springwatch."

Michael has started to interview people from the four communities and will create an original story inspired by the conversations that emerge.  He is encouraging local people to make a ‘Green Pilgrimage’ up the Hill.   In late July two local youth clubs ventured up the Hill for their first meetings and outings since March.  They bounded through a selection of Creative Activities including Wand Making, Storytelling, Drama and Ritual Dance!  Both groups decorated two of the 3 trees with blessings, wishes and offerings.

A local artist has created a special map of the Hill, and online contributions include songs, poetry and stories.

"It’s so good to do arts and crafts, good for the soul and wellbeing."


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