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#4 Rex The King

A blind man walks into a pub and tells anyone who’ll listen that he was once the king of darts.   He orders a pint and settles down to recount the story of his glorious rise to the top - and how dark secrets brought him down.


The second in our sporting trilogy, Rex The King is the story of a Somerset darts champion who ruled the world, but lost it all. It’s a theatrical tale that’s witty, uplifting and ludicrously tragic.  Rex toured into pubs across Somerset in 2017. 

Rex The King is a reimagining of the Greek tragedy Oedipus, featuring live music, flying arrows and a portable dartboard.

Written by Will Gore

Directed by Tim Bell

Designed by Zoe Squire

Music by Greg Hall

Performed by Bronya Deutsch, Greg Hall and James Peake


Photos by Paul Blakemore

#5 Eelie Day

Sam and Evie are getting married!  They only met yesterday but fell instantly head over heels in love.  As they find out what new-found love means, a ghost from the past comes out from the shadows.

Set and performed on a 1920’s miller’s cart pulled by two Suffolk Punch horses, the show passed through Langport, across the Somerset Levels to Muchelney and back again.

Written by Nick White

Directed by Joanna Procter

Designed by Julie Read

Horses by Steel Suffolks

Performed by Keira & Eloise Adams, Roxana Bartle, Brandon Bush, Fergus Campbell-White, Emily Lay, Sarah Mooney, Duncan Taylor, Dani Turner and Nick White.


Photos by Paul Blakemore

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