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Complaints and Grievances

Wassail recognises that grievances may sometimes occur in the workplace. It is important that these grievances are resolved as fairly, consistently and as swiftly as possible. Wassail undertakes that all cases will be taken seriously and treated sensitively.


The aim of this procedure is to provide an efficient and robust complaints process. This applies to any complaints that may be raised in relation to any activity carried out by the company. 


Wassail is committed to excellent service. We regard complaints as an opportunity to turn a negative experience into a positive one, as well as an opportunity to learn and to improve. 


The purpose of our complaints handling procedures is to ensure that we:

• Listen and are responsive to people who raise an issue with us

• Respond swiftly and at a level close to the point of service delivery are fair and consistent 

• Offer solutions and/or explanations 

• Ensure that individuals who are mentioned in complaints receive support 

• Respect confidentiality 

• Record complaints consistently, and monitor what we record 

• Use complaints positively as an opportunity for learning and improvement 


We will always treat your complaints seriously. We will always treat you politely and fairly. 


To help us deal effectively and quickly with your complaint:

  • Contact us as soon as possible giving clear details so that we can endeavour to resolve the issue.

  • Specify clearly what aspect of our activity you wish to make the complaint about.

  • Outline the nature of your complaint as precisely as possible. Please include details such as the place and time the incident or activity occurred or the title of a communication.

  • Include your name and contact details.


What we will do to help resolve your complaint:

  • Your complaint will be dealt with in a professional and confidential manner.

  • Your complaint will be assigned quickly to the most appropriate person to deal with the complaint. That person will investigate the matter fully and communicate regularly with you until the issue has been resolved to the best of our ability.

  • How and when we will respond.

  • We will acknowledge any complaints within 3 working days of receipt. You will receive a full response to your complaint within 14 working days.

  • We will keep a record of the nature of the complaint, noting the date received and the date of our response, the name of the person dealing with the complaint, all actions or recommendations arising from the complaint and any lessons learnt.

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