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Project 3 narrative structure

  • Protagonist is bored of where they live.

  • Protagonist has an aspiration, and an idol.

  • Protagonist’s family wants them to stay here.  They try to dissuade them from their aspiration, and put them off their idol.

  • Protagonist decides to leave home, to go to a location that is far away.  

  • The protagonist meets companions who share a common value.

  • The protagonist’s family follows the protagonist.  They are always one step behind.

  • The protagonist and companions are close to their destination, when they face an obstacle which means they have to start turning back.

  • The protagonist, companions and family meet unexpectedly.  There is a struggle.  The family goes home, deflated.  The protagonist’s companions disperse.  The protagonist is left alone to head towards their destination.

  • The protagonist reaches their destination.  They meet their idol, and immediately have the opportunity to achieve their aspiration.  They excel.  

  • Eventually, the protagonist wants to leave.

  • The protagonist seeks advice from their idol. The idol gives advice which conflicts with what the protagonist wants to do.  The protagonist has an internal struggle and ultimately decides to leave.

  • The protagonist leaves, unsure of where to go.

  • The protagonist meets their dispersed companions.  They decide to explore the unknown world together.

  • On the way, the protagonist and their companions are near the protagonist’s home.  Unsure what to do at first, they go home.  Will the family welcome them with open arms?  Or not?  

  • The protagonist approaches home.  They knock on the door.  The family opens the door.  The protagonist and the family share their experiences and they realise that they all need each other.

  • The protagonist invites the companions into their home.


Major question: 

Where is the story set?  (It cannot be Somerset).


Character questions:

The protagonist:

  • How old are they?   

  • What’s their aspiration?

  • Who is their idol?

  • Where do they want to go?

  • Why does the protagonist want to leave again?


The companions:

  • How old are they?

  • Why are they in the place(s) they meet the protagonist?


The family:

  • What is the struggle between the family and the protagonist?


The idol:

  • Who is the idol?

  • What are they good at?

  • What advice do they give the protagonist?

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