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The Rime of the

Ancient Mariner

Tor Theatre in association with Wassail


It is an Ancient Mariner, and he stoppeth one of… you?


WINNER: ‘Best In Fringe’ Award at the Shaftesbury Fringe 2016.


A one-man re-telling of Coleridge’s classic poem. Let the Mariner take you with him on his journey: across the ocean, into the soul, and through the beer gardens and patios of pub life.


Beer gardens are so much more than back yards full of tables. They are sanctuaries, escape routes where half-forgotten people can half forget their lives. 

Before you know it, and without any warning, one of these people (maybe the one sitting at the next table?) starts to tell you his story. A cautionary tale of a thoughtless act and a life of suffering; of cruelty, penance and redemption.  

Dare you listen? And what will you learn?

In an effort to support local pubs recover from lockdown Tor Theatre, in association with Wassail, took this bold retelling of Coleridge's classic poem to pub beer gardens across Somerset over summer 2020.

Written by Samual Taylor Coleridge

Conceived and performed by David Reakes

Directed by Angela Laverick

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