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The Giants

Warren is no ordinary football fan. Sure, he’s supported his local team since he was a young lad and has green and white blood pumping through his veins. But now he’s stepping off the terraces and planning on bringing a touch of that Yeovil glory to his own team of under-12s.


This is a story about going for the three points, striving for your dreams and what happens when the reality of life scores a last minute winner. 

giants (web).jpg

Written by Will Gore

Directed by Tim Bell

Music by Seamas Carey

Design by Julie Read


Performed by Jack Kelly and Molly Taylor

Images by Emily Rose

Clever, witty, sad, mad...a great watch for anyone for whom football is a part of their life and a timely reminder that other things are important too.  Different worlds are brought comically, poignantly and brilliantly together.   The Fine Times Recorder

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