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The Somerset Charabanc: Egg Day

Wassail, Reveal Productions and Somerset Wildlife Trust

An immersive outdoor theatrical experience traversing Westhay Moor National Nature Reserve

After a great deal of badgering, Pete has convinced Somerset Wildlife Trust to let him & Ivan run a tour of Westhay Moor in The Somerset Charabanc. What tales will Pete tell today? What stories, buried in the bog, will he unearth? And will Ivan stick to the path?

Set and performed on a 1920’s miller’s cart pulled by two Suffolk Punch horses, audiences and performers were brought together in an intimate, spellbinding adventure.  

Starting and finishing at Westhay Moor Car Park, the show travelled through the epicentre of Somerset Wildlife Trust’s prize Nature Reserve.


Written by Nick White

Directed by Joanna Procter

Concept development & dramaturgy by Rina Vergano

Design by Katie Underhay

Music by Anthony Burbridge

Performed by Harry Clements, Kirsty Egginton,

Katie Underhay and George Williams

Production photos by Matilda Temperley

“Funny, thought provoking and with the best set ever” 

“A thought provoking and very different experience of theatre.  A must see”

“Wonderful tour. The only thing missing was the flagon of cider!”


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