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Theatre Night


Theatre Night is part of a two year project aimed at developing new audiences for theatre across Somerset and improving conditions for Somerset theatre makers and venues.

Conceived by Richard Crowe, Theatre Night started as a live event at The Redbrick Building, Glastonbury.  It is now being presented as a digital edition, showing off some of the best talent in Somerset.  Much of the work is in early stages of development. 

20 May 8pm

17 June 8pm

15 July 8pm

19 August 8pm

16 September 8pm

21 October 8pm

18 November 8pm

16 December 8pm

Here are some performance types you will see at Theatre Nights:


A scratch performance is an informal showcase of raw and untested ideas. A crucial element is audience feedback, gauging audience response and receiving constructive criticism


A rehearsed reading is a group of actors walking through and reading, rather than having learnt the lines. Rehearsed readings offer writers the space to experiment and explore


A workshop production is a form of theatrical performance, in which a play or musical is staged in a modest form which does not include some aspects of a full production, for example, costumes, sets and orchestration


A performance is a presentation of something that has been fully rehearsed and prepared for production. Most of what you will see here will be ‘extracts’, though we will be presenting one or two full-length performances later in the season

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